The Tasks and Tools of The Sanitarians (One of Environmental Health Technician Professionals) 

Professionals in this career pathway perform many tasks to help health sector live up to its expectations. They all have common tasks and tools. 


However, here we are looking at the Sanitarians who share many tasks and tools. Their tasks and the tools used include but not limited to the following: 


Their tasks include but not limited to the following: They

  • Do the analysis of environmental data statistically.
  • Formulate procedures needed for testing.
  • Analyze the impacts the environments could have on production process changes. They go further to make suggestions and recommendations on steps to ensure negative impacts are alleviated.
  • Gather from different sources models of gases, water, soils, industrial wastewater, or asbestos products to be used for pollutant levels or identify sources
  • Put in place stations and/or relevant apparatus to keep track of, as well as to gather toxins such as smoke heaps, mechanical equipment or industrial plants


There are various tools that are available to Sanitarians in the performance of their tasks. These tools are designed to make their works easy and enhance their performance. Some of these tools include:

  • Anemometers – Velocity meters- are used to measure the speed and/or volume of air movement
  • Digital cameras 
  • Ion analyzers – Photoionization detectors PID 
  • Microscope slides 
  • Oxygen generators – Zero air generators 
  • Plotter printers – Large-format plotters 
  • Soil core sampling apparatus – Soil augers 
  • Vibration testers – Vibration monitors 
  • Water analyzers – Chloride test kits; Hach field kits; Water chemistry analysis equipment