Career Pathway Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians

There are many professionals that can function under this career. Here we are looking at the Clinical Laboratory Technician (Clinical Lab Technician) Laboratory Technician (Clinical Lab Technician).

Clinical lab technicians are also commonly known as medical lab technicians, clinical lab assistants, laboratory assistants or simply lab techs. Professionals in this role work in a laboratory to help study and test different samples—whether it’s blood, tissue, urine or other cellular matter. They discover the presence or absence of disease in the samples brought to them and as well provide data that help doctors determine the best treatment suited for the patient.


  • Preparation of standard volumetric solutions or reagents. These are to be combined with samples, and also to ensure standardized formulas or experimental required processes.

·         Oversee or instruct laboratory assistants or other technicians.· Inoculate fertilized eggs, broths, or other bacteriological media with organisms.· Study cells that are stained with dye so that necessary abnormalities could be located. · Prepare tissue samples for inspection by pathologists.

·         Carry out medical research to ensure more control or cure disease are achieved.

·         Carry out blood tests for the purpose of transfusion purposes. Also perform blood counts.

·         Carry out test on raw materials, processes, or finished products in order to know the characteristics of a substance as well as quality or quantity of materials.

·         Give reports through the use of charts, graphs, or narratives based on the analysis and records of test data.

Doctors using digital tablet together in hospital

Technology Skills There are a number of technology tools that are useful and helpful to a Clinical Laboratory Technician in the performance of his day-to-day activities.

They include but not limited to the following:·        

Analytical or scientific software: Performs statistical and quantitative analysis. An example of this is Minitab computer based training software: involves the use of a personal or networked computer for the delivery and access of training programs. An example of this is Quizlet·         Enterprise resource planning ERP software: This is a business solution that focuses on simplifying critical business functions for efficiency-SAP 

Data base user interface and query software: Database software is primarily used to store and manage data/databases, typically in a structured format.

From this, the user can have a graphical interface which enables him to create, edit and manage data fields and records in a tabular or organized form. Examples of this are: Data entry software; Database software; FileMaker Pro, etc.

·         Office suite software. An example of this is Microsoft Office 

·         Accounting software: This is a computer program that assists in recording and reporting financial transactions of a firm. An example of this is Billing software·         Development environment software: This is a set of processes and tools that are used to develop a source code or program. National Instruments LabVIEW is an example here.

  • Electronic mail software: This is software for creating, sending, receiving and organizing electronic mail. Some examples are Email software; IBM Notes; Microsoft Outlook 
EMR Software in a Tablet

·         Medical software

Electronic medical record EMR software; Laboratory information system LIS; MEDITECH software; Test routing software. Examples (Commercial plate reader software, Electronic medical record EMR software, Hematology laboratory workflow management software, Laboratory information system LIS, Medical digital imaging software, Medical system integration software, MEDITECH software, Microscopic image capturing software, Quality control software, Reimbursement screening software, Specimen tracking software, Sunquest Information Systems Sunquest Laboratory, Test result delivery software, Test routing software).